Things I’m quite fond of…The Prague Version

-Czech thrift stores, more specifically the one in the train station
To put it into perspective just how close this place comes to my version of mecca, I purchased 3 adorably patterned scarves, 3 nice fitting cardigans, 1 decorative tank top and 1 yellow sweater vest for a whopping 200 Koruns..this equates to $10. Meccccca.

-59 Korun Sangria from the corner ‘market’
To be honest, the sangria isn’t that spectacular, but when mixed with an additional bottle of red wine this stuff gets to be real good.

-Bohumil Hrabal

Just finished Closely Observed Trains and have determined that this man is a wonderful writer. I’m thoroughly enjoying my Czech reading assignments.

This is my Czech Art and Architecture professor and oh goodness is he a riot! He is often times offensive (unintentionally, which is all that much more hilarious) and has no shame. He is also knowledgeable, which is nice trait in a professor.

-Gyros at Narodni Trida
Nothing, nothing tastes better than this $3 treat at 3 in the AM

Words can’t even begin to express how into this show I am. In fact, I’m really perturbed that it’s only in its second season because I’ve already watched every episode multiple times. This is how I spend my time in Prague!

-“Thank You Mario, But Our Princess is in Another Castle”

And this is why I adore John Darnielle.

-Not winning writing contests

Yeah, so Wordstock doesn’t want to give me money. The upside? The more I fail at writing, the more likely I am to pursue a financially stable career in marketing!

-Stealing food from the Kolej breakfast

Living in the Czech Commie dorms has turned me into a regular klepto when it comes to food. Also, it’s just a fun activity since the angry Commie breakfast ladies are onto me.

-Mad Men
My dear friend Dennis expressed to me long ago the magic that is this show. Unfortunately, I was immersed in The Wire so it was put on the back burner. Now, with PR done and free time on my hands I’M OBSESSED! If you don’t watch this show you suck at life.


One thought on “Things I’m quite fond of…The Prague Version

  1. Kayla October 29, 2008 / 7:32 pm

    This list is so freaking funny. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! šŸ™‚

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