I’ve solved a problem

I’ve decided to write a novel. Deja vu anyone?

As a result of my less than stimulating course work at Charles University I’ve felt quite unchallenged and unproductive. My brain is wasting away because, aside from my pleasure reading, it is running idle.

For those unfamiliar with my personality, I really, really can’t stand it when things are too easy. This statement can be attributed to almost any faction of my existence: men, work, writing, living etc. I thrive off stress, complexities and confusion. Currently, I’m in decline and feeling, albeit not entirely, purposeless.

I’m not studying abroad, I’m simply abroad. Yes, it’s all well and good being able to explore and travel and meet new people without having to worry about the assignment due the next morning, but, seriously, this is way too easy. And, when things are easy, I don’t even really care to try.

Now you see my predicament. I haven’t been writing, aside from my Prague.tv posts, and I haven’t really been creating anything of substance, which I think is a shame considering the wealth of inspiration that comes with simply being in Prague. Thus a solution was necessary.

Today is the 1st of November and I recall, thanks to a reminder from my friends over at Paste, that today also marks the start of National Novel Writing Month.

Sure, I’ll be traveling a lot this month and, yes, I will still be lavishing in my Prague experience, but I am all for this novel writing adventure and am looking forward to documenting my progress/stress/anger/love/insanity all over this here blog of mine.

Readers, if I have readers, get excited because this month is about to get a whole lot more entertaining for this seafaringwoman. Game on.


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