Snow in portlandThis term basically defines my life these past few weeks. A majority of my time has consisted of sleeping, reading, watching television (and by television what I really mean are annoying infomercials that have seemingly replaced any and all clever advertising that I had once enjoyed), thinking about thinking about writing, thinking about thinking about grad school and trying really hard to spend my time productively. In case I haven’t made my point clear, I have been wasting a considerable amount of time. In an effort to write optimistically I now choose to change my tone, right about now.

Despite the variety of ways I have worked to misuse my time, my break has not been entirely worthless. I managed to flock north to Seattle for New Year’s and take in the¬†magnificent sight of the Space Needle exploding at midnight. I have also successfully crafted a hearty list of 2009 expectations/dreams/aspirations as a means of avoiding the ever annoying, and often fleeting, New Year’s resolutions to instead create something more likely to prove a favorable outcome. Among other things, I have started running again, applied for summer internships I probably won’t get and come up with a few ideas for short stories that, if I actually put the effort into writing them, could turn out quite well. All in all I would say that this year has turned out to be fairly typical in my first four days in it and, you know, I think I’m fine with that. Anyhow, the night is young and as exciting of a life as I do lead, I think now is a swell time to finish a book (or at least think about finishing a book) and keep on thinking on thinking.

p.s. Currently, it is snowing in Portland and I’m mildly ticked off about it. Unexpectedly, I have turned into a snow grinch.


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