The product of C’mon Miracle listening and blurred backseat visions

Burnt Offering
Written by Chelsea Marie Hicks

Take me in your tusks
and raise me as an offering
for sparkling rain to dance
on soil where leaves,
berries and heartbeats breakdown
to breath mulch miracles
through these pulling veins.

Back arched in the demons grip,
take me, sky cloud, to an island
where we will blossom
into glass blankets to catch
the metal sun splinters
and mountain shadows
in between our imagination
and the equator.

Ghosts will trace us
to god’s fingertips hammering
at the brass maps guiding
our glass wings,
clang, clang, cling
sounds tapping like raindrops,
striking a reflection—
mirror me deep,
deep deep in you.

“Offer me,” I say.
Take me in your tusks
to the tips of mountains
and peaks of seas.
Let me dampen and flake
with wet earth and fruit,
soft a pulse perfumed
in dirt berries.


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