See Through My Seoul

I can keep the Seoul puns coming for eons and in the midst of messing with words, I suppose I can post a photo or two. Here’s a photographic update of my last two months. I cannot believe I’ve already been living here for three months; the time has been speeding past and I can’t hardly wait for whatever the next few years hold for me in my South Korean jaunt.

This is the Kring Culture Space, which is quite possibly my favorite building in Seoul. The interior is just as stunning as the exterior! I visited the Kring building for a multimedia art event put on by Intel and VICE Magazine called The Creators Project. It was quite a party and perhaps the perfect space to host such an event.

Dance party!! The crowd was awesome and everyone had a great time dancing and jamming to DJ Soulscape

Cell phone charms for sale in Myeong-dong, a popular shopping area in Seoul. There are an infinite number of options when it comes to phone charms, so be sure to select wisely!

A peek into the immensity of Seoul as seen from the viewpoint on the trek to N Seoul Tower.

Art installation at the base of N Seoul Tower

These are “locks of love,” which cover the metal railings and some metal trees at the observation deck of N Seoul Tower. There are hundreds of thousands of these love locks left by people to symbolize a promise to stay with someone forever—be it a lover, child, friend or family member. Some people leave messages with their locks, expressing their love even further. It’s a beautiful sight to see and such a romantic, adorable and generally dear gesture.

Art installation in Hongdae that I’m oddly fond of. Hongdae is a super hip area (near Hongik University, which is a major art school in Seoul) packed with bars, cafes, night clubs and eateries. In the very near future I plan to explore all the cafes over there including the few roasteries I’ve spotted.

On the way to the cat cafe in Hongdae…can you feel the cat love all around?

Welcome to Gio Cat cafe! This was hands down one of the most unique experiences I’ve had in Seoul. For 8,000 Won (about $6) you get a coffee beverage and the opportunity to spend as much time as you like with the roughly 20 cats at the cafe. As one would expect, many cats were napping, and it’s against the rules to wake up a sleeping cat, some cats were climbing platforms and snooping in the bags patrons left sitting out and other cats were friendly and greeting their excited visitors. I went on a Saturday and the place was quite packed with Koreans taking a million pictures of cats. Of course, I too brought my fancy camera and couldn’t resist snapping some shots. If you ever have the chance, go to a cat cafe!!

Look at that face!! Probably my favorite cat the cafe!

So, that’s basically the last month summed up in photos. I still have a ways to go before I’ll have conquered Infinite Jest, but I’ve decided to start a 365 photo project when I’m done reading, so get ready for a steady flow of photos in the not-so-distant future that may or may not turn out fantastic. Until next time, I’ll work on crafting some more stories from these Asian waters.

(All photos taken by Chelsea Marie Hicks using a Canon Rebel T1i)


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