Get some…Fall Sounds No. 1

Tracklist : : Fall Sounds No. 1

1. The Avalanches : : Electricity
2. Girl Talk : : Make Me Wanna
3. Robyn : : Call Your Girlfriend
4. Chromeo (feat. La Roux) : : Hot Mess
5. Tanlines : : Real Life
6. Cee Lo Green : : Satisfied
7. Kanye West (feat. Kid Cudi and Raekwon) : : Gorgeous
8. Das Racist (feat. lakutis) : : rapping 2 u
9. Crystal Castles : : Empathy
10. Delorean : : Real Love
There is something to be said of the experience of music sharing and the evolution the gesture has undergone. As a child, I grew up stoked on recording radio hits onto tapes in my bedroom and feeling some sort of naughty success from the free loophole. I can recall trading CD’s with friends and the sweet obsession I had with the first mixtape a boy ever made me. The Internet has obviously changed the game a bit and in recent years I’ve grown particularly dependent on music sharing over the Internet (most likely you have too). Generally though, I’ve been a taker and not so much a giver. I certainly share and exchange music with my friends, but I’ve never been one to give a whole lot back over the Interwebs, I figured I’d leave that to somebody else. Well, say hello to ‘Get Some…,’ the new section of my blog dedicated to sharing hot tracks and playlists packed with jamz.

Though most of what I’ll share here will still be with my friends, seeing as y’all are the ones usually digesting this seafaringwoman’s non-sense, the playlists found on this here blog are to be sugar for the ears of any and all that want to get some.

This first playlist is pretty representative of what I’ve been blasting lately (mostly hip hop, pop and electronic) as a result of the absurdly great albums that have dropped recently (I’m thinking especially of Kanye’s Fantasy and Girl Talk’s All Day).


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