Gone gone to Vietnam (and Malaysia too)

This lady is bound for SE Asian sands and adventures abound. Expect to read of tales far-fetched and hopefully lovely, possibly fiction, whence I return to the heated floors of my Korean tower.

In the off chance that a poisonous snake makes friends with my veins in my all-too-likely-to-happen attempt to befriend a monkey, I will live forever in you Internet!

Before I bid you a real adieu, here’s my mildly absurd to-do/goals/non-sense travel list for this particular jaunt:

-Don’t get attacked and/or bitten and/or mugged and/or choked by a snake
-Make friends with a monkey (any kind will do…)
-Dip my feet in the South China Sea
-Visit a mosque in Kuala Lumpur
-Go to Ha Long Bay, charter a boat and make almost best friends with a Vietnamese fisherman!
-Mekong Delta
-Drink fruit wine
-Find a durian fruit, smell it and decide from there whether or not to consume it
-Goddess of Mercy Temple
-Walk about Graham Greene’s Ho Chi Minh (also known as visit The Continental)
-Visit bia hoi corner or supposedly where everybody sits around with drinking beer in Hanoi
-Petronas Towers
-Visit Hoa Vien Brauhaus in Ho Chi Minh
-See some flora and fauna my eyes are virgin to
-Eat grilled stingray wrapped in banana leaves, jiu hu eng chai (some sort of highly recommended cuttlefish salad), chen hu (a salad that includes jellyfish!) and a great many other dishes foreign to my taste-buds
-Don’t drink snake’s blood.
-See Kek Lok Si, the largest Chinese temple in SE Asia
-Explore the jungle a little bit, just a little bit
-Continue wanting to see a tiger, but don’t actually see one because it will probably eat you


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