A month of stories…Day #4

Everything Will Be Fine
Written by Chelsea Marie Hicks

As a young girl, Allie roamed the overgrown garden of her home’s backyard jungle with a fervor, weaving her way through mysterious green, growing things and setting her bare-feet footprints in every available square inch in hopes that the soil would harden like clay, leaving her presence permanently there.

One afternoon, with the sun burning red her fair tinted shoulders, Allie spotted a bright, shining glare coming from the sun’s reflection on something sticking out of the ground and it was then that she knew she had led herself to treasure. Crouching down and clawing her long slender fingers at the hot dirt, Allie found a heart of faded gold, covered in earth’s gunk.

The heart was tiny, fitting nicely between her thumb and forefinger, and was lacking both an owner and a chain. Polishing the dirt off with the tips of her fingers and lengths of her nails, she noticed that this locket heart could open and though it was much more stubborn than she had anticipated, Allie succeeded in prying open the heart to bear witness to its contents. Inside she discovered a message, written in red ink and inscribed on a tiny piece of paper wedged where most placed a picture was the brief declaration “everything will be fine.” Much like a fortune cookie, this piece of otherworldly wisdom was so clear and concise, but more than anything else it was, like the statements of all prior fortune cookies she’d cracked open and consumed, believable.

Nearly twenty years later, Allie has never shared with anyone else the contents of the heart hanging from her neck, nor does she intend to. This heart belonged solely to her as did its calming message that had thus far gotten her through failed college papers, car accidents, deaths in the family, job loss and even heartbreak. And it had done so in such a soft, subtle way that outshone every insistence of dear friends, family members and lovers. Everything will be fine; this is what she knew, what she was certain of and what her heart told her every single day.


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