Dressing Room

Dressing Room


Daily Vanity : : December 2010

This project has me feeling weary towards as I’ve come to be both bored and exhausted by the prospect of taking even one more photo of myself. I won’t retire this photo jaunt for good as I am still narcissistically intrigued by the idea of viewing various angles of myself captured semi-consistently over the course of a year, however this is likely to morph into something more closely resembling a weekly vanity. With that said, here’s some of my Daily Vanity from December.

December 12 : : 2010


December 20 : : 2010


December 26 : : 2010


December 29 : : 2010


December 30 : : 2010

Daily Vanity : : November 2010

This is wildly narcissistic and first and foremost I want you to know that I’m aware of this fact.

With that said, I bring to you my ‘Daily Vanity,’ a self-photo series that I aim to have span through the next year. Every photo will be of me in some respect, a majority will be portraits, but some photos may only contain a portion of me or even just a reflection. At the moment I can say it’s not the most thrilling series as I’ve been playing it pretty safe taking the kind of photos you might expect to see from such an endeavor, but I can say with confidence (I’m so vain) that I do see this photo series producing some great results. All of the photos for this project can be found on my flickr, but I will be posting my favorite images of each month here. Go ahead and take a gander and hopefully you can find a little bit of pleasure from my narcissism.

November 8 : : 2010


November 11 : : 2010


November 14 : : 2010



November 15 : : 2010



November 16 : : 2010


All images shot by Chelsea Marie Hicks using a Canon Rebel T1i.