:: European Snapshots ::

This is Telc, a small town in the Czech Republic featuring a castle and a town square that closely resembles something you would expect to see in Disneyland

Statue I stumbled upon in Prague while roaming near Charles University

The Citadel in Budapest, Hungary up close

View of Prague as seen on my walk from the Kolej to Charles Bridge

One of my favorite reading spots overlooking the Vltava

Geologist from Animal Collective, seen at the Archa Theater in Prague

The Lennon Memorial Wall in Prague


Like a little kid…

I’ve been spending a rather significant amount of time in parks and on playgrounds lately, which makes it an appropriate time to include this tid-bit from a story I’m pretending to work on. As with most things I enjoy, it’s short, simple and sweet.

I imagine this coming from a Willis, a Willis that is perhaps in a point in his life where he is searching for something that will give his life meaning. He isn’t exactly confused nor lonely, he’s simply in a perpetual state of feeling lost.


If I met a woman in a playground I would know it’s for real. Playgrounds are peaceful, and in a woman that’s all I really want. Peace and a bit of childs play.


I have no idea when I’ll actually fit this into the story I’m only half-heartedly trying to work on, but I hope to someday soon. Also, for the record, if you find yourself in Budapest anytime in the near future, or ever for that case, you must visit their eastern version of Central Park. It’s absolutely magical.