Get some…Winter Sounds No. 2

Tracklist : : Winter Sounds No. 2

1. Gang Gang Dance : : House Jam
2. Glasser : : T
3. Cut Copy : : Hanging Onto Every Heartbeat
4. Grizzly Bear : : Foreground
5. James Blake : : Willhelms Scream
6. Emeralds : : Now You See Me
7. Lykke Li : : I Follow Rivers (Dave Sitek Remix)
8. New Order : : Your Silent Face
9. Guided By Voices : : Don’t Stop Now
10. Destroyer : : Suicide Demo For Kara Walker
11. Javelin : : Shadow Heart
12. Rain Machine : : Hold You Holy
13. Prince : : Forever in My Life
14. The Replacements : : Answering Machine


What It’s All About

The things that make me tick this week:

1. Music videos from Islandrecords artists Sam Sparro and Cut Copy. I’ve been in desperate need of some music to dance to and since my finger and toe tapping Girl Talk days are in need of a break, I feel that I’ve found a decent replacement.

2. The Wire. This show is badass. McNulty is perhaps one of the best alcoholic, hard headed, cops television has seen in a long while. Everything you hear about this show is true, it is addictive and awesome.

3. Missed connections. Craigslist has been a source of sheer amusement for me as of late with the multitude of “missed connections” posted daily. There’s a guy crushing on a girl in the red tube top driving a Mazda down I-20, a teen that frequently shops at Best Buy because of the cashier that rang him up on check-stand 3 and then, of course, the Marta train encounters. Endless entertainment.

4. Trivia Night Okay, so I can’t really count this since I only went once, but I’m all about winning free food and drinks for my varied pop-culture and worldly knowledge.

5. Frederico Erra’s photostream on Flickr, particularly “violet place”.

6. GOOD Magazine. It’s tag line “GOOD is for people who give a damn. It’s an entertaining magazine about things that matter.” With it’s stimulating commentary on important environmental, economic, and cultural issues as well as it’s unique coverage on unknown objects and quirky travel spots, this magazine is what it says.

7. The Black Keys and Sea Wolf. I already went through a Black Keys stage where they were all that was buzzing on my iPod for weeks, but now I’ve revisited Magic Potion and I can’t get enough of it. Leaves in the River is also some really swell stuff.

I’m in the process of writing another short story as well as expanding and editing a story I wrote for my short stories course. Expect something of the child’s tale type genre involving oranges someday soon. Farethewell.