Organic Serene

Lately I’ve been reading a bunch of found poetry and there was one that stood out in which a writer took the instructions for brewing tea and WHAM (think of this wham along the exact same lines as the sound effects on the old school Batman series)  he had found himself a poem. Since I work at a cafe and happen to be surrounded by a wide array of teas (Green Tea Mint is my favorite, in case you were wondering), I decided to scan the tea tins and what did my eyes come across? A poem, of course!

Stealing the name of the tea along with parts from its descriptions I came up with/found this:

Organic Serene

Golden colored infusion
with notes of blossom
and lavender


On a semi-related note, doesn’t the name “organic serene” sound like it should be some new world anti-depressent or maybe that’s just me? Also, if I had to define what I think love is (for the record, I have no idea) I’d like for it to be a golden colored infusion with notes of blossom and lavender. Love sounds pretty to me or at least I think it should.


A Found Poem

All right, so in my crazy/sexy/cool writing seminar we have these tasks that basically boil down to theiving other people’s words and whole lines from their individual texts. It’s a weird balance between creating “new” art that belongs to you(since it has been said that everything we write is simply re-writing stories already told anyhow) and direct plagiarism, which we’ve been told is wrong…like really wrong.

With that said, here is a found poem taken from multiple Best of Craigslist listings including one I was particularly fond of already. The concept behind found poems is to take something already written–from a newspaper, instruction manuel, recipe book, you get the idea–and break up the spacing and perhaps subtract words to transform it into a piece of poetry. I struggle with pieces like this because I don’t really consider it to be mine, but I guess that’s just part of the poetry game. Also, on that note, I can’t take credit for most of this poem, but I own that title! Anyways, here is a poem I stole off a few craigslist listings….enjoy?

To Be Flagged For Removal By Jesus
Written by Chelsea Marie Hicks

I cleaned up your mess
all over the city
and other rescuers did the same.

Where is a person
supposed to bury things in this city?

What am I supposed to do
with this bird?

It’s in bubblewrap
in a bag
in a shoebox
in the freezer
right now–

Am I supposed to bury it
in a construction site
where they jackhammered
through the concrete?

And how is it that you
were able to walk away
an animal?

I felt guilty too
curled up in that cage
sleeping in the sun
getting vitamin D
and subcutaneous fluids.

No one knows when
that hour will come,
after the rapture.
No one knows
who will clean your litter box.