Soon, you shall know my velocity

Sitting at the shore of Unicorn Island in the Mekong Delta (Ben Tre, Vietnam)

Oh, my friends, I have so much to share with you.

In a time period quite condensed, no more than a few weeks, much has happened to earthquake my little world and rewrite whatever semblance of a path I ever had in mind for myself. In every possible way I feel rejuvenated and inspired by what I’ve seen and by the people that stumbled into my lone adventure to assist in carving it into something spectacular.

There’s a great deal I am compelled to say in regards to my recent travels to Vietnam and Malaysia, hundreds of photos filled with tales for you to dream up or for me to provide in detail, but this evening is not the one for me to pour out every story, though I vow that night will come soon.

While traveling I brought with me Dave Egger’s You Shall Know Our Velocity! and it was simply one of those reads that was made particularly fantastic and forever memorable because it was the perfect text to be digested while on planes, buses, boats and exploring a portion of the world unknown to me. There’s is something to be said of the power of reading the right book at the right time, and for me this book was such an ideal companion for my time on the road and in the sky.

Anyhow, here’s something beautiful not written by me, but about the sea that my soul is so drawn to dive into and wander ceaselessly:

“There is a corner of the sea that is deep but not so deep that it’s black. It’s the blue of a blueberry, violet in its heart, though this blue allows light through its million unseeable pores. The hue is evenly painted but electric, a klieg light pushing through a gel of cyan. But invading this blue are clouds of inky purple, billowing clouds curling in small waves, and they grow from below, splitting the sea between light above and dark growing from below.”


This heart’s on fire

I saw Wolf Parade the other night and they certainly surpassed my expectations. They played my favorites, “This Heart’s On Fire” and “I’ll Believe in Anything”, along with most of Apologies, which was particularly appreciated by myself since I’m not exactly in love with At Mount Zoomer.

My inspiration for writing, both short stories and micro-pieces, generally develops somewhere in the midst of sound, electricity and passion– things all very much connected in my mind. What I write about are usually the things I have difficulty grasping-god, faith, love, death- and the way in which I see these things exist in the super-saturated technicolor world that is my mind. Music is an essential part of most people’s lives and usually factors into my own creative visions and so, it is not shocking that the Wolf Parade show led to an idea of sorts.

This short short came from a combination of things.

After searching for weeks, I finally came across my heart ring given to me by my father, perhaps my favorite piece of jewelry for a number of ‘symbolic’ reasons involving its own flawed and purposeful design. In many ways I found it ironic that I had ‘lost my heart’ while I was experiencing a brief bout of anxiety tied to writer’s block. In the mix of finding my ring and being exposed to a live version of “This Heart’s On Fire” complete with bright lights and a passionate performance, this came to mind:

Her heart was an echo

Calling, calling

Love me, love me

I love you.

It’s simple, yes, and concise, but I like it. It kind of reminds me of echo herself, a figure I’ve fallen in love with and have relied on as a main character in one of my previous stories. That’s all I’ve got for now. The Wire and banana nut muffins are calling my heart, so, faretheewell.