Written by Chelsea Marie Hicks

Sometimes I dream of burning metal,
an aneurism smelling stains, staining smells into the nostrils of my nightmares,
places daydreams go to visit, rare to return.
This is a place speckled blue and bright,
dark matter, rays of fire, swirling in a phosphorescent haze.
Our mind’s made up of galaxies, battling and bending,
breaking when we fall out of



Written by Chelsea Marie Hicks

Wash awake the sharp chill of the night and in the sun’s tempting light, take shelter from the horrors marinating in your mind. Like the tide running towards deeper waters, heed the warning in the silence you hear–the air is shuddering with a message that only the rattle of stop signs and sway of telephone lines can convey. This is not the world you wake up in, dreams amnesiaed, taking shape in whispers.