North America : : Portland, Oregon

I’ve always had a strange fascination with totem poles. Perhaps it’s because I’m part Native American, but, seeing as I don’t really identify with whatever portion of me is Blackfoot, I don’t really think that’s it. If I had to make a guess, I’d say it’s likely due to their size. The magnitude of their height has been something that I take comfort in; as a giant myself, I take pleasure in most things that make me feel small because it’s a feeling rarely felt by these stretched bones.

This particular totem pole is of special importance to me as it towers over a memorable spot in the city I generally refer to as my home. This monolithic figure has seen me at moments few people have; it’s witnessed moments of triumph, incredible weakness, glee and something quite close to despair.

And, at all these times it never uttered a word; obviously because it can’t. That’s part of the beauty and mystery of this place, that it knows me in such a way that very few people do. It’s an odd thing, but for me, in many ways, places are like people and this place is one I haven’t seen in years. I miss it.


‘Sights’ is a portion of ‘Stories From Untamed Waters’ that will cover the places that have influenced me, changed me and inspired me. Check back for more images and their stories.


Exploring the West


Sunrise arrival in the Palm Desert


Afternoons calling for crossbred citrus fruit


Skyward gazing

Pier entertainment

Pier entertainment in Santa Monica


Mount Shasta at sunset

Multnomah falls

Multnomah Falls


Misty moss at the falls

take me anywhere

Take me anywhere…