Desert Poem

Sunset Spider Catapult
Written by Chelsea Marie Hicks

Waste me wind,
on your back
and lead me to your ocean—
the sultry splinters
clicking in the night quake,
the nearby whistle of a waking moon
floods me with the secrets of
your eyelids
locked thick from feathers
breaking the sky.

You are my sticky sweet finger wings
reaching through the breeze
to bend my body,
fold my limbs,
wrap my veins in you.

Opal me and mighty my wounds,
like leaves crumbling
the tides backbone totem.
Remind me, my Cherokee,
how to drum the saddling hills.
Remind me, my sunset spider,
how to catapult my skeleton soul to the sun.


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Sunrise arrival in the Palm Desert


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Mount Shasta at sunset

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Multnomah Falls


Misty moss at the falls

take me anywhere

Take me anywhere…