When words look splattered

I’ve been procrastinating. Procrastinating writing this and that, and, probably that other thing. I’ve been avoiding the inevitable preparation of packing, unpacking and then packing yet again.

In a week I finish my internship at Paste and embark on an adventure overseas in Prague. I am ecstatic for what’s to come, but perplexed by the unaccountable necessities required for everything to come together. Naturally, I’m bound to forget slightly important objects and say goodbye to some of the right and wrong people, but, on top of all of the things I could forget or simply not do, I’m bound to walk into this adventure entirely unprepared.

Am I setting myself up for this? Yes, completely.

Constantly I remind myself of how the clock is ticking and I’m not doing a damn thing to comfort my partially tense nerves. Instead, I watch the Olympics, make lists, meander about the interwebs a few hours more than the eight hours I already meander at work or skip tracks on itunes until I find a song that I only kind-of, sort-of feel like listening to.

And that reminds me, somehow, with some 7,000 songs in my music library, I have nothing to listen to. This is, in every possible way, a ridiculous scenario.

I’ve been procrastinating.


Things I Have Learned…

Alright, I’m spending my summer in Atlanta, HOTlanta, the dirty south, etc. and to capture a meager portion of my experience thus far I have a list to share, appropriately titled…

The Things I Have Learned About Atlanta

1. Brunch is a big deal. Everybody loves brunch and if you’re in Atlanta, everyone goes to brunch. It is said to be the very best way to cure ones Sunday morning hangover. I have yet to test this claim, but I won’t leave you hanging for long.

2. McDonald’s stole the McChicken from Chick-fil-A. This, apparently, is a touchy subject and leads to cursing McD’s, something I tend to enjoy throughly. What else do I enjoy you may be wondering? The two, yes, always TWO, pickle slices on a Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich. (And yes, I have been eating meat as of late, including this Chick-fil-A sandwich, which is quite scrumptious and cheap! Insert comments from the Fur about my flippant vegetarian diet)

3. Don’t talk about Pepsi. Ever. Coca Cola is king in its hometown and it seems that in order to fit in, one must drink Coke. I can’t stress this enough.

4. Bicyclists should fear for their lives because Atlanta drivers hate them, vehemently. I’ve been riding my bike for a week here and have already had a few too many close calls involving cars following dangerously close. Bike lanes are also a rare luxury on city streets.

5. Not enough people who live here know about Paste Magazine, which is a crying shame. However, Paste can be used as a great conversation starter to test if people are cool. Yes, I’m biased.

6. Ninety degrees is not hot. My entire Oregonian life I have been mislead to believe that anything above eighty is scorching. One week in Atlanta has shown me that, actually, ninety is just the beginning. Oh dear.

7. Working a 9-5 is tiring, like, really tiring. I’ve been in bed by 11:30pm this entire week and if you ask anybody that has lived with me that is simply unheard of!

8. Neighborhoods go from good to sketchy to sketchier to you really shouldn’t be here. This isn’t entirely true, but this is what I have been told from various sources and I am working on disproving this by the safest means possible.

9. Food is expensive. This doesn’t particularly pertain to Atlanta, but now that I’m buying my own groceries I’ve come to appreciate the fridge at my parent’s house and all the free goodness enclosed within it.

10. Southern accents are adorable. I’m talking pinch the cheek, hug worthy, puppy dog adorable. Seriously, talk to anyone with a southern accent and they are instantly likable.

The grandma inside of me is begging for sleep so until next time, more lists to come, y’all!

I have an interview with Paste…

and to commemorate this special occasion I’m going to paste some music lists in this here blog of mine.

Top 5 songs played in iTunes:

1. The Mistress Witch From McClure- Sufjan Stevens

2. Plasticities- Andrew Bird

3. I Will Light You on Fire- Golden Shoulders

4. Intervention- The Arcade Fire

5. Here it Comes- Modest Mouse

Top 5 songs played on Catalina (old ipod):

1. I Know, I Know, I Know- Tegan and Sara

2. On the Radio- Regina Spektor

3. Champagne High- Sister Hazel

4. Aaron and Maria- American Analog Set

5. I Will Follow You Into the Dark- Death Cab for Cutie

Top 5 songs on Carlos (Catalina’s lover):

1. Hide and Seek- Imogen Heap

2. Trouble- Elliott Smith

3. Kids- MGMT

4. High and Dry- Radiohead

5. Wild Horses- The Rolling Stones

My Personal Favorites  (in no particular order!)

1. After the Curtain- Beirut

2. For the Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti- Sufjan Stevens

3. Mambo Sun- T.Rex

4. The Mistress Witch From McClure- Sufjan Stevens

5. A Comet Appears- The Shins

6. Consequence of Sound- Regina Spektor

7. Let Down- Radiohead

8. Island in the Sun- Weezer

9. Some Kinda Love- The Velvet Underground

10. Look Up- Stars

11. A Sunday Smile- Beirut

12. Gigantic and Where is My Mind- Pixies

13. Ceremony- New Order

14. Lit Up- The National

15. Woke Up New- The Mountain Goats

16. For the Actor- Mates of State

17. Intervention- The Arcade Fire

18. Hold on I’m Comin’- Sam and Dave

19. Blowin’ in the Wind- Bob Dylan

20. Transatlanticism- Death Cab for Cutie

21. Red Right Ankle- The Decemberists

22. 2:45 am- Elliott Smith

23. Petals- The Honorary Title

24. Jezebel- Iron and Wine

25. Born Secular- Jenny Lewis