Reverie Trails

Written by Chelsea Marie Hicks

Reveries revealing winding trails to doors ajar,
in nights I waltz through forests
to find you in foliage, eyes shining,
the blue glow of our moon dancing
a train of shivers and sentiments across skin,
glazing with goosebumps.

The breeze whistles, beckoning our stride to the seaboard,
sand sprinkling its jagged glass spheres
over our imaginary fairytale.

When we wake, timezones stretched between us,
our nostrils fill with the scent of sea foam
from the shores of where we always meet,
a place we’ve never been before.

These haunting daydreams grip to all hours,
minds lost–wandering through
the thicket of reverie trails.


Fall has arrived

A lovely chill has come over the Midwest and already I can feel Fall seeping in, drying my skin and beckoning forward my boots. I adore this season and the productive writing that somehow manages to come with it, so here’s to Fall and may much prose flourish throughout.

Sirens Loosen Seams
Written by Chelsea Marie Hicks

Your voice like calliope adorns sirens in my skirt
built by the echos of steam dreams,
faint from an organs subtle cry.
And touching to the marrow
you embrace a luminous silence
of suns setting mythology
until the moons savage shine
torments a compromise into my autumn gown.

Pile silk in patterns of stitch falling to knees,
a sweet romance of form and delicate tact,
the weight of you, midnight muse,
teases an innocence out these blackened bones.


Yet another form of poetry, the abecedarian follows the alphabet one way or another. I crafted mine into a zig-zag alphabet, one in which the letters abide by their order in the first and last letter of each line. Capitalization for emphasis.

Just Before the Afternoon Blitz

Afternoon sea folds beg the tide to ebB
Cnidaria into a formidable pack of wadeD
Enormity, waiting in anxiety to scufF
Gnaw the flesh of a mighty hauncH
Ignite the ubiquitous underbelly raJ
Kneading an inferno of visceraL
Mobility for the purpose of free reigN
Obstreperousness, waves ply a plumP
Quagmire for the medusa to conceal their quaveR
Secret in a grey pocket of guilT
Uncertain where bell-shaped bodies will ride a magleV
Wandering freely for a sweeter taste of oX-
Ygen before the moment of impending blitZ